Microsoft® SharePoint Essentials

User training

This course is for anyone who wants to use Microsoft’s collaboration and content management platform, SharePoint.

This course aims to teach you the features that’ll help you store and share documents in the cloud, collaborate on ideas and projects, access important files and forms, work with integrated elements in MS Office, and find key information about your colleagues, your work and your workplace.

Please note: We specialise in delivering this course in-house to small groups or individuals. We don’t run scheduled public courses.

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone who has an existing SharePoint intranet portal and needs to use it to collaborate with business teams, colleagues and partners.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You have no idea what SharePoint is or how to start using it
  • You have some knowledge or prior experience of SharePoint, but it’s not very positive
  • SharePoint is new to your organisation, or you’ve had it for a while, but you’ve never been trained
  • You want to be confident navigating around SharePoint, and learn how to quickly find what you need
  • You want to effectively store, save and edit documents in SharePoint document libraries
  • You don’t know what benefits the SharePoint intranet provides for you or your team
  • You have Office 365 and wonder what SharePoint, Sites and OneDrive are, and whether you’re missing out by not using them
  • You need to improve collaboration and teamwork, and increase productivity and security when searching and working with documents or key business information
  • You want to utilise the tools that are already there, but you don’t know where to start or how they can help you get your job done

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop you should be able to confidently:

  • Define the key terminology and elements of SharePoint
  • Identify the benefits and risks of OneDrive for Business
  • Navigate sites, lists, libraries, quick launch menus and ribbons
  • Define high level hierarchy and security features of SharePoint
  • Identify key participation features such as newsfeeds, calendars, links, forums, wikis and blogs
  • Upload and edit documents in document libraries
  • Set alerts and follow key information
  • Use sort, filter and views to manipulate the data and see different views of information
  • Share documents and images
  • Search for documents, policies and contacts
  • Utilise MS Office integration with Export to Excel and Open in Explorer tools
  • Reply to discussion forums and blog posts
  • Sync document libraries to your computer

Course pre-requisites

You don’t need to know anything about SharePoint before attending this course, however, if you have any prior experience working with or using SharePoint, please feel free to share relevant anecdotes and experiences during the course.

This course is customised to complement the SharePoint features and existing development structure used within your organisation. Our trainer will work with you on content and courseware customisation to ensure all required features are included in the course.

Workshop duration

Course delivery consists of 3 hours duration, with a mix of demonstration, instruction and hands on practice. Please note the duration is set for a maximum of 6 persons. If you would like to run this course for a larger group or as 1-on-1 coaching please contact us to discuss.

Course content

What is SharePoint?

  • Learn what SharePoint is
  • Share experiences and prior knowledge – debunk the myths
  • Learn the key features of your company’s SharePoint intranet

Terminology and navigation

  • Learn the key terminology used in SharePoint
  • Learn what OneDrive for Business is and when to use it
  • Understand how the intranet is structured and why security is important
  • Navigate around sites, lists and libraries


  • Identify the key features that you can participate in
  • Work with newsfeeds, calendars, policies and procedures, and links

Managing your documents and libraries

  • Learn how to upload and edit documents
  • Learn how to create folders and save documents to SharePoint
  • Use templates and forms
  • Set alerts and follow relevant files
  • Set sort and filter settings to view data relevant to you
  • Utilise views to manipulate the data
  • Sync files to your computer

Work with picture libraries

  • Upload pictures and use tags
  • Change the view


  • Search and locate documents and images
  • Search and locate contacts
  • Refine your search


  • Share documents and links
  • Reply to a discussion forum, blog post and newsfeed
  • Add events to calendars
  • Utilise your company’s specific collaboration tools

MS Office integration

  • Utilise Export to Excel for documents and lists
  • Utilise Open in Explorer to view documents in a familiar setting, and to upload or move documents


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