Microsoft® SharePoint training for Administrators

This course is for anyone who needs to maintain SharePoint, Microsoft’s collaboration and content management platform, and perform an Administrator role.

It aims to teach you the features that’ll help you support end users, maintain the existing design and development, create and edit webparts, pages and sites, as well as customise document libraries, lists and views.

Please note: We specialise in delivering this course in-house to small groups or individuals. We don’t run scheduled public courses.

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone who manages and administers their company intranet built on SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve been tasked as the Administrator for your organisation’s SharePoint, and you don’t know what to do next
  • You’ve been working with our developer to build your organisation’s SharePoint, and you’re now ready for handover testing and launch to end users
  • You have Office 365 and wonder what SharePoint, Sites and OneDrive are, and whether you’re missing out by not using them
  • You want to support your colleagues and users to utilise the tools that are already there, but you don’t know where to start or how to help them find what they need

Learning outcomes

This course is designed for the Administrator or Site Owner of SharePoint sites. This course is not technical, and does not cover how to install or troubleshoot engineering issues, instead it focuses on the role of the Administrator as someone who maintains the existing design and structure, manages user and group permissions, makes edits to pages, webparts, lists and libraries, and supports users to get the most from their SharePoint intranet.

By the end of this workshop you should be able to confidently:

  • Define the key terminology used in SharePoint
  • Identify the benefits and risks of OneDrive for Business
  • Define the hierarchy, security and site features of SharePoint
  • Manage permission groups
  • Create subsites, lists and libraries
  • Manage site settings, site actions, list and library settings
  • Identify the key features that are important and relevant to your business and end users
  • Work with calendars, blog, wiki, lists, links, tasks, forums
  • Manage the settings for document libraries
  • Understand sync to computer
  • Create custom lists and document libraries
  • Create pages and edit webparts
  • Consider how to deploy and plan training for end users
  • Identify how to maintain fresh and relevant content


You don’t need to know anything about SharePoint before attending this course, however, it will assist your learning if you have spent some time working on your existing SharePoint and are aware of your organisation’s strategy and plan for SharePoint.

This course is customised to complement the SharePoint features and existing development structure used within your organisation. Our trainer will work with you on content and courseware customisation to ensure all required features are included in the course.


Course delivery consists of 6 hours (1 full day with breaks) duration, with a mix of demonstration, instruction and hands on practice. Please note the duration is set for a maximum of 1 person – the Administrator of your organisation’s SharePoint intranet. Group training is also available. Please contact us to discuss.

Course content

What is SharePoint?

  • Learn what the SharePoint platform is
  • Share experiences and prior knowledge – debunk the myths
  • Confirm your business requirements
  • Learn the key terminology used in SharePoint to help you navigate and understand the platform

Structure and navigation

  • Learn how to navigate SharePoint
  • Learn how to manage the recycle bin
  • Identify the difference in a page and a sub site


  • Learn how to use Site Actions and Site Settings
  • Learn how to use List and Library Settings
  • Identify how to view all site content


  • Learn how permissions work to segregate, limit access or share information and documents
  • Set up permission groups
  • Identify the permission levels

Pages and Webparts

  • Create and edit pages
  • Create and edit webparts
  • Create promoted links to help user navigation

Features and functions

  • Identify the key features that are important and relevant to your business and end users
  • Learn how to use and maintain collaboration and participation features, e.g. wiki, blog, calendar, links, lists, libraries, forums, tasks, alerts, etc
  • Use Search to locate the information or files you require
  • Use MS Office integration tools e.g. Open in Explorer and Export to Excel
  • Use Sync to sync files to your computer

Customise lists and libraries

  • Add custom fields and columns to lists and libraries
  • Set views to help users manipulate data

User support

  • Identify the key features and policies to be trained to end users
  • Learn what the users will use, and identify common issues and how to overcome barriers
  • Identify ways to ensure your intranet is kept up to date with exciting, fresh, relevant content that engages users


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